domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Não sei, apenas senti.

escrever textos. Afinal, escrever também é uma arte.

sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

biological thought

Weird how other agglomerate of cells shaped human-like can make you get so confused or happy.

Quintanares made in china

Nao é engraçado como as pessoas passam por nós e deixam um pouco de si, mesmo se notarmos? As vezes, esse traço aparece em algo mínimo. Ou enorme.

feeling shake

pretty woman, pretty woman.
the way you make me feel
pretty woman, pretty woman,
sometimes youre cold as steel
pretty woman, pretty woman
dont know if youre friend or foe
pretty woman, pretty woman
youre the only one who can make me live
as intense as i wish
pretty woman, pretty woman
in somewhere between love and hate
i dont know what i think of you right now
i just know
that youll never,
independentally who you are,
be out of me.

little thing called word

words, you fucking words
you make our lives better
you destroy our lives
you can make two people become huge friends
you can split them apart forever
your power is huge, greater than anything anyone can imagine
sometimes you express our feelings in a way not mentioned to be
sadly, it's a situation that sometimes can't be avoided
or can, i'm just too dumb to use your will correctly.
Anyways, if it weren't for you i wouldn't be expressing myself right here right now
Still, i'm very confused with you now. You've put at risk something important and i don't know how can I forgive you.
But, i think, that forgiving now is not a option. I need you.
I'll just have to live with you, learning where, what, when and how to use you.
After all, you can also make everyone's lives better.

Anyways. Life goes on.