sábado, 23 de março de 2013

'happiness is only real when shared'

sometimes saying you can't do something you want makes it even harder to be done.
finally having time to think but i'm not certain if it's good to be out of the frenezi...
it's hard to understand
when the appearences (or their abscence) cannot expose what goes inside (...)

so much going on,
yet nothing's happening.

the way which person looks at it makes it different,
we're dubious to ourselves.
at the end, the complicated part is not to understand the other
but to go deep within yourself.

i often ask myself what makes us have feelings someone else
where does that come from?
people love and hate
but they keep togheter.

i guess that in the scale of life
the good things overweigh the bad ones.
we're social, we need each other.

Happily, we can't see into the future,
that's what keeps spinning the world.

Everything will be worth someday.

i guess we can allow ourselves
to let go of the hidden feelings.
the world puts the situation, 
we just gotta let things happen.

After all,
Christopher MacCandless was right.

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